Colgan Custom Car Bras Made In the USA !

Colgan Car Bra      Colgan Car Bra     Colgan Car Bras

Colgan Car Bras - Colgan Custom Car Bras for a perfect fit: Colgan Car Bra Types
Original Bra

Colgan Original Bra
1 & 2 piece styles - Full front coverage protection for cars, trucks, vans and SUV's.
Hood Sports Bra

Colgan Hood Sports Bra
Hood piece only from 2-piece original bra for cars, trucks, vans and SUV's. Hood opens with bra in place.
T-Style Full Bra

Colgan T-Style Full Bra
Full front coverage protection with T-Style hood for trucks, vans and SUV's. Hood opens with bra in place.
T-Style Hood Bra

Colgan T-Style Hood Bra
Hood piece only from 2-piece full bra for trucks, vans and SUV's. Hood opens with bra in place.
Mirror Bra

Colgan Mirror Bra
Same quality materials and fit as our bra. Available for most applications. (2) per order.


Original Bra, Hood Sports Bra, T Style Full Bra, T Style Hood Bra, Nose Bra, Mirror Bras Bill Colgan, father of the car bra, created the first car bra in 1961 for German engineers interested in providing a better protective cover  for use while road testing cars, particularly new Porsches! The Colgan commitment to testing and development continues today and Colgan bras set the standards by which other car bras are measured. Features that make Colgan custom bras the best include: The heaviest 100% virgin vinyl for maximum protection 25 oz with exclusive memory fit. Special vinyl topcoat specially formulated UV resistant finish helps prevent aging and cracking. Super soft thick porous flannel backing helps protect paint finish and allows moisture to escape. Attached components no loose mounting pieces everything is attached to the car bra for easier installation. All Colgan car bras are finished with soft felt binding on the edges and the openings are bound to help protect your cars finish. Colgan car bras have a strong top double stitching hand tailored finish for durability, and double padding at critical fender areas that help prevent wear through and protect the vehicles finish. The Colgan car bra has a 3 year factory warranty, the longest in the aftermarket ! Colgan custom truck and car bras offer maximum hood protection whether using our truck bras, car bras, van bras or mirror bras.
* Colgan car bras are custom made to order in the USA and take approx. 2 weeks in production time.

Key Features of Colgan Car Bras
Colgan Custom Made in The USA      Colgan Car BrasColgan Car Bra
Double Padding -
At critical areas, prevents wear thru and protects finish.
Maximum Protection - 25 oz. flannel backed vinyl with exclusive Memory Fit and UV resistant top coat.
Top/Double Stitch -
Strengthens, adds detail and delivers a better body hugging fit.
3 Year Factory Warranty
Backing -
Super soft flannel keeps paint scratch free
Vinyl Coated "S" Hooks -
Won't scratch.
No Loose Parts -
Everything is attached to the bra.
Padded Hooks -
Flannel padded tabs are double covered and reinforced. Pre-bent for easy installation.
Easy Installation -
No tools required. No drilling, no Velcro. Hooks are pre-bent.
Multi-Piece Design -
Hood opens, headlights and headlight wipers operate with the bra in place.

Colgan Car Bra Materials: The Right and The Wrong Approach

The basic Materials used in the construction of all Colgan Custom bras is, simply stated, a synthetic backed vinyl that resembles the average upholstery (naugahyde - type) material. However, the non-discernable differences are the vinyl coating and the non mar-backing. As the originators of the car bra Colgan started with the available upholstery materials. Colgan experienced many unexpected problems due mainly to temperature changes. The summer heat would cause the car bra to soften and become ill fitting. The covers would be almost impossible to install because of stiffness in sub zero winters. To circumvent this problem, all Colgan Custom covers are made from material with a special vinyl coating. This material was formulated some years ago, especially for Colgan, with this temperature problem in mind. As for the breathable materials, most breathables where developed for cushioning. This feature is fine for that purpose. Sitting on and getting up from cushions allows the intake and exhaust of air. Not so when this material is lying tightly over flat metal hoods, fenders, etc. in humid areas this feature allows moisture in faster than it allows moisture out. Also, the possibility exists that the abrasive dust may enter between the car bra and the vehicle finish. That potential hazard was quickly evident in Colgans early experiments with the breathable materials some years ago. Colgan material is time tested and proven. Nothing equal to it or better is currently available to manufacturers of this type of product.

Colgan bras vs. Other Brands
The Colgan Challenge
Compare before you buy. Are the S hooks vinyl coated so the paint wont scratch? Are there loose parts supplied with the bra? How snug will it be at highway speeds? (Colgan Custom Bras are used in competition racing.) Are the side hooks double covered to prevent wear-through? Are the main seams top/double stitched for strength and a better contour-hugging fit?

50 Year Reputation of Quality

Quality is our highest priority. Every Colgan Custom Bra is made from specially fabricated, heavyweight virgin vinyl, milled exclusively for us in the U.S.A. The ultra soft backing and binding gently cradle the vehicles finish. Look for the Colgan name embossed on every bra. Its your assurance of quality!


3 Year factory warranty, the industrys longest, is your guarantee of quality, lasting value, and satisfied return customers.

Reasons to Buy a Colgan Bra
Colgan manufactures the best fitting, highest quality auto bras money can buy. A bold statement but as the company that created the auto bra industry, we back it up with over 40 years of experience, plus thousands of testimonials from satisfied and loyal repeat customers. The reasons listed below illustrate why Colgan bras still set the standards by which all others are measured. Special Features Special Benefits Vinyl 25 oz. 100% virgin vinyl milled exclusively for Colgan Industrys heaviest for maximum protection Exclusive memory fit Assures a snug, body hugging fit in any climate. Vinyl Topcoat Specially formulated UV resistant topcoat Prevents aging & cracking due to ultra-violet sunlight. Vinyl Backing Extra thick, super soft, porous flannel backing Keeps paint scratch free and allows trapped moisture to escape Integrated by a special process into the vinyl Eliminates possibility of separation. Attachment Components Flannel padded tabs are double covered and reinforced Eliminates metal working through material into paint. Exceeds OEM requirements. Pre-bent for easy installation (new models) S-Hooks coated with soft pliable vinyl Assures protection against abrasion. Bungee/shock cord is 6mm aircraft quality Industrys strongest for resilience and durability. Guarantees a tight, long lasting grip. Exceeds OEM requirements. Binding All edges and openings are felt bound Optimal protection and finished look. Stitching Top/double stitched Hand-tailored fit and maximum strength. Fender Pads Double padding at critical areas Prevents wear-through and protects finish. Design Multi-piece design Compliments vehicle curves No loose parts Hood opens, headlights and headlight wiper/washers operate with bra in place. Full coverage protection Guards against bugs, road debris, even dings. 3 Year Factroy Warranty Industrys longest and strongest Your guarantee of quality, lasting value and satisfied return customers. Instructions Illustrated for easy installation Warranty, care & instruction package is sewn to each bra for easy removal. Largest Selection Available 3000+ vehicle specific patterns, plus all the latest models To find our whether a specific Colgan product is available for your make and model vehicle, please Click Here

Features that make Colgan Car Bras the best include:
Carbon Fiber Embossed Vinyl
Colgan Car Bra - 2 Material Choices
Crushed Embossed Vinyl
Benefits of a Colgan Bra Protects - Give your customers vehicle year round protection against nicks, stones, bugs and flying debris with a Colgan Custom Bra and Mirror Bra. Our flannel backed vinyl is 25% heavier than our competition. This provides added quality and protection.

Saves Money - When its time for you to trade in or sell your vehicle, a small investment now will mean much more value later.

Memory Fit - Memory Fit is a Colgan exclusive. Because of our specially fabricated vinyl and custom tailoring every Colgan Bra has a memory that assures a body hugging fit every time, and makes it the easiest bra to remove or reinstall.

Hot Looks - Fit is where great looks start, and nothing fits your vehicle as well as a Colgan Bra. It complements the vehicles lines and gives that sporty look so popular today.

Warning - If you buy another brand, a sloppy fit does more than detract from your vehicles looks. The bra movement you see can scuff paint, and the flapping, over time, can put small dents or chips in the finish.

The Road Test - At highway speeds, where you need the most protection, its obvious that Colgan Bras have been individually tailored to suit the vehicle. The fit stays snug with no paint damaging flap or flutter!

Multi-Piece Design - The multi piece bra was designed by Colgan over 25 years ago. Our bras today reflect the refinement and innovation were know for. The Colgan multi-piece design allows the hood, pop-up headlights and headlight wipers to operate normally. Beware of multi-piece brands which use snaps and/or Velcro  that restrict normal operations.

Colgan Bra Styles Available 1-Piece Original Bra Full front coverage protection for cars, trucks, vans and sport utilities. Available on early models or new models where a 2-piece would be impractical.

2-Piece Original Bra Full front coverage protection for cars, trucks, vans and sport utilities. Hood and headlights open and operate freely with bra in place.

Sport Bra Hood piece only from 2-Piece Original Bra for cars, trucks, vans and sport utilities. Hood opens with bra in place. Does not interfere with brush guards, tow hooks and winches.

2-Piece Full Bra Full front coverage protection with T-Style Hood for trucks, vans and sport utilities. Hood opens with bra in place.

T-Style Bra Hood piece only from 2-Piece Full Bra for trucks, vans and sport utilities. Hood opens with bra in place. Does not interfere with brush guards, tow hooks or winches
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