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Car Cover Cable Locks

High Strength plastic coated cable with weather proof lock ( includes keys )
Your Car Cover protects your vehicle. Keep your cover safe with the Cable Lock & Lock Kit

Car Cover Cable Lock Coverite Car Cover Cable Lock

How do I use the Cable & Lock kit? Thread the plastic coated steel wire underneath the vehicle through the grommets.
Pull the smaller loop of the cable through the larger loop and use the lock to secure it.
  • Keeps Cover Securely on Vehicle
  • Prevents Theft of Cover
  • Fits Cars, Trucks & SUV's

Car Cover Cable & Lock
Car Cover Cable Lock Kit
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  • Universal car cover cable lock kit adds security to your vehicle and car cover.
  • Helps keep your car cover securely attached from wind and theft.
  • Works great for other security needs as well.
  • Cable Measure 7 feet long.

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