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BUDGE CAR COVERS: WalMart Budge Car Cover, Budget Car Covers

CarCoverUSA a internet retailer of the Budge Car Cover product line: Budge Lite, Duro, Premier, Rain Barrier, Shield, Max
CarCoverUSA will no longer be carrying the Budge Industries Product line due to poor quality, returns & warranty issues.
For all Budge Car Cover Warranty claims call 1-800-672-8343, Budge Industries, the Manufacturer of Budge Car Covers.
Choose a type of cover below and you will be fowarded to our new Elite Car Cover product line which is far superior in both quality & fit !! Elite car covers has a cover to fit every vehicle, the best prices, widest material selection
Economy Lite Car Cover
Budge Lite Car Covers
Budge Lite Car Cover
Single Layer grey light weight
dust cover for Indoor Use
Silver Car Cover
Tyvek Car Covers

Tyvek Car Cover
Silver Sun Reflecting Light
weight, Best UV Protection

WaterProof Premium Car Cover
Rain Barrier Car Cover
Rain Barrier Car Cover
Waterproof Car Cover
Supreme Max Car Cover
Max Car Covers
Max Car Cover
3 Layer Grey Maximum
Breathability & Softness
Truck SUV Van & Station Wagon Covers 6 materials to choose from
Economy Lite Truck SUV Van Covers
Budge Lite Truck Cover
Budge Lite Truck Covers
Single Layer Grey Light weight,
Indoor use dust cover
Silver Truck SUV Van Covers
Tyvek Truck Cover
Tyvek Truck Covers
Silver Sun Reflecting 
Light weight, UV Protection

WaterProof Premium Truck SUV Van Covers
Rain Barrier Truck Cover
Rain Barrier Truck Covers
100% Waterproof Cover Superior Breathability
Supreme Max Truck SUV Van Covers
Max Truck Cover
Max Truck Covers
3 Layer Grey Maximum
Breathability and Softness

Limo Covers ( 24' - 32' )
Limousine Covers
Limo Covers
Limo Cover
Boat Covers
$139.99 & up

Boat Covers
Boat Cover$79.99

Disposable Car Covers
plastic car covers
Plastic Car Covers

$10.99 Car, $12.99 Truck & SUVs
( Quantity Discounts Available )

Motorcycle Covers
Motorcycle Cover
Motorcycle Covers Nylon motorcycle covers
5 Layer motorcycle covers
Snowmobile Covers
Snowmobile Covers
Snowmobile Covers
300 Denier snowmobile covers
600 Denier snowmobile cover

ATV Covers
ATV Covers
ATV Covers
Camo or Olive ATV covers
Camper Covers
Camper Covers

Camper Covers
Camper cover sizes 9.5' - 18.5'
Travel Trailer cover sizes 18' - 37'
Universal Fit Watercraft Covers
PWC JetSki Covers
Watercraft Covers
Watercraft Covers
300 Denier PWC cover
600 Denier PWC covers

All Budge Car Covers in stock for fast Shipping anywhere, Quantity & Bulk Order Discounts Available Email:

Budge Lite car cover is made of spun-bonded polypropylene. This breathable cover, though lightweight, is strong and durable and has been designed to provide resistance to mold, mildew, other pollutants, as well as other environmental hazards.

Budge Duro car cover is made from water repellent material. This is a three layer material, which consists of an inside and outside layer of spun-bonded polypropylene with a layer of water resistant film in the center. The cover has been designed to provide superior resistance to the rain. As well as protection from the sun, dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and other pollutants.

Budge Rain Barrier car cover new to the line and totally new to the market, this one of a kind car cover from Budge is nothing short of revolutionary. The Rain Barrier lives up to its name as the only Waterproof and Breathable cover on the market today.

Budge Shield car cover DuPont, a global leader in protective materials, has created this new product using a proven technology. DuPont's patented manufacturing technology has created a new standard in lightweight performance materials. This cover is the leader in material technology.

Budge Premier car cover for harsh hot & sunny environmental areas. Premier can handle whatever nature throws at it. Premier covers will keep your car vehicle interior cool even in the most demanding locations. This Semi Custom white sun reflecting cover is Made in the U.S.A at the Budge factory Kentucky.

Budge MAX car cover is made from water repellent, PGI Endura Plus material. This is a thicker, three layer composite material, with a micro-porous film sandwiched between two layers of soft but tough polypropylene.

Budge Cover Sizing Charts
Budge Car Cover Sizing Chart
Budge Truck SUV & Van Cover Sizing Chart

* Budge Car Cover Warranty Claims Call 1-800-672-8343

Cleaning Instructions:
How to care for your Budge Car Cover
  1. Use a commercial washer.
  2. Use a delicate soap such as Woolite.
  3. Set washer to "Delicate"

  1. If possible, we suggest to air dry all covers.
  2. If you use a dryer, DO NOT use heat. The cover will shrink

Installation Instructions:
How to install your car or vehicle cover
  1. Remove cover from bag.
  2. Secure the cover at front bumpers.(A "FRONT" tag is sewn on the inside of the cover so you can tell what side the front is)
  3. Pull cover overtop of car and secure under rear bumpers.

An antenna patch is included with most covers for antennas that don't retract.
  1. Simply cover your vehicle and mark where the antenna hits the cover.
  2. Apply the adhesive-backed patch to that spot, and punch a hole in the center of the patch after the patch is applied. Grommets Your cover is equipped with grommet holes on both sides of the cover. You can use these holes to tie or lock down your cover. We suggest a car cover cable lock.

Weather Conditions:
High Winds: If you are located in a high wind area be sure to tie down your cover using the grommets provided. Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of your cover to provide maximum protection from strong winds.

Freezing Weather: In unusual circumstances, a layer of ice may form between your vehicle and the cover. This layer of ice must be thawed before removing the cover. You may expedite the thawing process by pouring warm water over the cover and gently lifting the cover as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat process.

  • Not liable for repainted surfaces or lacquer paint. Repainted vehicles should not be immediately covered. It is best to check with your painter or body shop for recommended "cure" time. Use of any cover before the cure time has been reached may cause damage which is not due to the cover, but due to the new paint.
  • For maximum performance, DO NOT cover a wet vehicle.
  • CAUTION: NEVER cover a hot tailpipe.
  • NEVER cover a vehicle with a convertible top down, windows or sun roof open, or t-tops off.
  • Do not use a cover while tailoring a vehicle.

Budge Industries Warranty Information
Budge Industries, LLC, warrants to the purchaser that it will correct any defects in material or workmanship by repair or replacement.

Warranties by brand name or type:
Budge Lite: Limited 2 Year Factory Warranty
Duro: Limited 5 Year Factory Warranty
Rain Barrier: Limited 7 Year Factory Warranty
Shield: Limited 10 Year Factory Warranty
Max: 10 Year Factory Warranty
Motorcycles, Snowmobile, ATV's, etc: 2 Year

Return Policy
The item (s) must be in new un used condition, & re-sellable including original packaging, parts and paperwork. Orders returned in a new un used, ready-to-sell condition will receive a refund, excluding any shipping costs. **We do not accept returns of used, tried on, or dirty items, products that were custom made or items returned more than 30 days after delivery.
Thank you for visiting Budge Car Covers. Please contact us via email which we will respond to quickly. We have a large warehouse and most all of the covers are in stock. This gives us the ability to offer you the best prices & fastest delivery. We look forward to doing business with you.

About Budge Industries
The idea of a car cover emerged in 1948, when the owner of Budge placed a modified shower curtain over his car, keeping it safe from sun and rain. Much to his surprise, the feedback he received was overwhelming! Friends and strangers alike wanted to know where they could purchase a cover that would protect their car. The rest is just history. Now Budge car covers can be purchased across the country in many fine retail and online stores. Today, Budge Industries continues to be the market leader and product innovator. As Budge Industries advances through the next half century, they will remain on the cutting edge of new technology, improving fabrics and automotive protection, searching for new products and technologies that will provide Budge vehicle covers with a advanced assortment of products that continue to combine optimum performance and superb value. When it comes to protecting your automotive investment, Budge Car Covers are the first line of DEFENSE! Today, Budge car covers, truck covers, SUV covers, van covers, station wagon covers, motorcycle covers, & other auto covers are sold in over 25,000 retail stores and now available online. Budge Auto Covers are also available through major warehouse distributors, catalog companies. Throughout the years Budge has been the recipient of numerous awards for Customer Service and Packaging. Budge is proud to be an ISO-9001 registered company, excelling in quality process efficiency. Besides their retail presence, Budge has become a valued OEM supplier. They provide specialized Dupont Tyvek covers to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and AutoEuropa. These covers are used by the manufacturers to protect fragile parts during transit and manufacturing. The Budge TransCover, also made of Tyvek, is specifically used by Ford Motor Company to protect Ford vehicles during export shipment. By using Budge car covers or Budge Truck Covers you are getting the very best in vehicle protection . When deciding what car cover to use, go with the biggest and the best, go with the Budge Industries Car Cover - Truck Cover - Vehicle Cover Product Line.
Budge Lite Car Cover Dupont Tyvey Premier Car Cover Shield Car Covers Max Car Cover

Budge Car Cover & Budge Truck Cover Internet Dealer. Simply Point & Click on the Budge cover of your choice for product details and secured PayPal or Google Checkout. CarCoverUSA is not to be confused with the Manufacturer Of Budge Car Covers & Budge Truck Covers Budge Industries  As a reseller of the Budge cover line CarCoverUSA sells Budge car covers, truck covers, SUV covers, motorcycle covers, ATV covers, snowmobile, tractor and utility vehicle covers. Budge Industries is the largest manufacturer of semi custom car covers and truck covers. Budge auto covers are nationally sold, and most retail stores only stock standard car cover and truck cover sizes. The entire Budge vehicle cover line is available from CarCoverUSA. We bring to the Internet a convenient and easy way to shop for Budge covers. CarCoverUSA has on hand inventory of Budge car and truck covers so customers that have problems finding specific car cover or truck cover models and sizes will find that  we have the selection. Each Budge cover is warranted by Budge Industries who stands behind the quality & performance of their auto covers.
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